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Chris Newman of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, began his singing career in a church choir at age 10. As the drummer in a high school band, he realized his passion for singing. Chris has been compared vocally and visually to Jon Bon Jovi, ultimately leading him to form Keep The Faith in light of his absolute dedication to Bon Jovi. Taking his craft very seriously, Chris creates the ultimate Jon Bon Jovi illusion on stage. Chris delivers the moves, the look, the sound and most importantly the energy that Jon gives in his live shows! 

Chris Tondreau, from Hamilton, Ontario, has an honours degree in classical guitar.  His playing experience includes everything from funk to thrash, but his heart is with the hard rock and hair metal he grew up with - so Bon Jovi is a perfect fit.   Chris prides himself on his authenticity - from capturing the tones and songs accurately from the recordings, to the visual presentation, to his genuine interest in friendly interactions with audience members at shows.  The role of Richie Sambora is a challenge that he is delighted to fill.  


Dan Benezra is multi-instrumentalist including vocals, piano, keyboards/synthesizer, bass keyboard and rhythm guitar. Performing on cruise lines in a Journey Tribute band for the past 5 years has provided Dan with the platform to perform in large stadium venues. In his earlier years Dan has performed as a one-man band throughout Canada sitting in as the piano player for the late and great Long John Baldry. Dan is a classically trained graduate from the Royal Conservatory of Music achieving A.R.C.T., Jazz programs from York University and plays a variety of genres.

Dan brings David Bryan to life with Keep The Faith.

Doug Adams lives in Whitby, Ontario, Canada. Originally a classically-trained pianist, he picked up the blues bug and a Danelectro bass. Since then he has spent virtually a lifetime playing with various bands on both sides of the border. Doug’s balance of precision and touch is a perfect match for playing Hugh McDonald’s tasteful and distinctive bass lines. Doug has been with Keep The Faith since its inception. He is the definition of young at heart and Doug's love of music shines through in each of his performances.


Mark MacPherson is from Brampton, Ontario, Canada. He started playing drums at a very early age. He has played in tribute and original bands over the years. Bon Jovi has always been his favorite since the beginning and he is thrilled to be a member of Keep the Faith. Mark is excited to share the groove to all who love Bon Jovi while keeping the band on beat with his majestic rhythm and his Tico Torres smile. When you see Mr. Thunder and Lightning at a KTF show you know you'll have a memorable night!

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